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The Plantoid is a autopoietic sculpture. It owns, designs, manufactures and finances itself. It is in essence a form that exists, and interacts with other entities on the blockchain.

This is how I begun my proposal that I sent in writing to Primavera on the 12th of April 2015, following her request to work together on a sculpture for a gallery commission. The original idea, the title, the text, the quotation sent directly without any input from Primavera of any kind.

# The original proposal

This site is provisional until I find how the work is currently being presented. Perhaps I will get proper accreditation for my contribution....

Follow the blue link on the left to see the final text of describing Plantoid and which I sent to Primavera Di Filippi on 12th April 2015

Of view the original Google Doc that was emailed to here here - docs.google.com

The question I ask you to consider is how different is the current work from this original idea? Here is how Primavera has been presenting the project:

YOUTUBE MMzLw-yhDpM Do you notice any accreditation given? The phrase used by Primavera in the video is "It actually took me about one year to come up with an idea, that is not really a common place idea...."

YOUTUBE 5gMbhCgHGjY More videos here - okhaos.com

I finished the proposal with the following lines:

It is the hope of every Plantoid that one day they will take physical form on this planet, but that depends, on her interactions, and the behavior of the beings on that planet.

# Why Accreditation is important

Accreditation Is Important, it is what allows and encourages us to trust and work with each other. It is important in science as much as it is in art or any form of creative collaboration.

Since this time the work has been presented many times, not once with my name attached or any attribution. Over the last month I have patiently asked both Primavera and FurtherField to attribute the original concept as either mine, or alternatively a jointly conceived creative concept. Unfortunately this was not forthcoming.

In the final draft of the concept I wrote:

These instructions are an evolution of Sol LeWitt’s wall drawings, of which he noted: "Each person draws a line differently and each person understands words differently"

The phenotype is therefore open as ever to artistic interpretation.

A little pretentious perhaps, but the idea is clear. The work consists of the concept and can be translated into many forms, from physical object to the exact form of code the Plantoid uses. For more detail see - www.plantoid.cc

In the final draft I wrote:

The aim of the Plantoid is to reproduce itself, and it has to do this in a way congruent with it’s inner law, contract or as we like to say “form”. Reproduction is achieved by paying humans to gather materials, design, weld, assemble and then deliver a new structure. Each physical Plantoid is connected to other Plantoids through the decentralised structures on the internet we know as blockchains.

If a musician wrote a song, and supplied the title, chore of the chorus, and much of the lyrics, and this work was then reproduced without permission, changing only some of the instrumentation slightly - would that be OK?