Robot Plant

Robotots usually move, but a robot plant moves like a plant. It may turn slowly towards the sun, or it may be still. However it breathes, in captures energy, and it produces. It is alive.

Smart solutions from the plant kingdom - researchgate

The Plantoid is a concept robot for exploring Mars. Its roots would explore the soil, while power and telecommunications are provided by the main stem and the Solar leaves -

The Plantoid is a DAO. It buys solar power and turns these into conversations and interactions that people enjoy. There are many potential Robot Plant Desings.

The concept was first scientifically published in 2010 (although models of comparable systems controlled by neural networks date back to 2003) and has so far remained largely theoretical.

A plantoid is a hypothetical robot or synthetic organism designed to look, act and grow like a plant.

An example of a plantoid in active research was demonstrated by Dr Mazzolai of the Italian Institute of Technology, in Pontedera plans during a conference at the Natural History Museum in London on July 29th 2013.

When looking at a garden, meadow or forest, that half of almost every plant in it is underground.